Felipe Hueb

Felipe Hueb lives and works in Brasilia, Brazil. He has been passionate about photography since his childhood.

Art has always been in his heart and he decided to follow this path with many successes. In 2015 he won his first Honorable Mention at the Moscow International Photo Awards, and in 2016 he won 2 more Honorables mentions by Monochrome awards Contest in artistic nude and fine art categories. Also this year, he signed big contracts with large companies in Panama City to photograph luxury real estate and large constructions.


In 2017, he returns to Brazil and starts a series of essays in nude art photography, gaining a lot of prominence and visibility in the photographic area. His technique is to photograph the most accurate angles that value each part of a woman's body.  

Felipe also loves to materialize his imagination into art, so he uses landscapes and other types of photography to create Fine Art works. For he, art has no limits, and every artistic imagination must be expressed by some means.  


n 2018 Felipe Hueb launches his first book called The Art of Photography, which practically teaches photography tricks for beginners. Also this year he founded the magazine Insinuant Magazine. 

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